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Monica Martinez

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Business Designer

& Hospitality Consultant

Hi, my name is Monica, and I am the founder of Inspirancy, over the years I have combined my entrepreneurial soul with my commercial interior design experience, helping clients with their businesses by creating evolving strategies for constant market and cultural changes.​

I had the opportunity to work with the creation of many retail, hotels and restaurant venues, helping entrepreneurs identify and develop new growth opportunities, from conception and planning through development and finally implementing and, coaching for all functional areas of the business during the first few months of operations.


I have helped to created over 29 commercial and residential projects.

In 2000 after helping clients change their companies, I decided to follow my entrepreneurial spirit and put into practice my expertise by founding three companies that became very successful. ​

​A hostel that became a city icon, catering to over 250,000 travelers from around the world and making their traveling experience one to remember for life. A restaurant and an interior design firm that worked with the Airbnb market and residential development.

​In 2020 Affected by the pandemic, like thousands of people in the hospitality and tourism industry, the hotel closed its doors after 19 years of operation. 


The design studio was focused back then in helping Airbnb owners develop their properties and that collapsed too.


I found myself living on the road in a school bus and finding other means of surviving. 

The experience was both shocking & heartbreaking at first.

Living on the road was a blessing, it gave me a vision, seeing so many going through the same situation and trying to find how losing everything could be turned into a positive situation, inspired me to fuse my various expertise into one concept,  I am going to create alternative homes and mobile businesses”.

With the help of an amazing group of women that supported me, the journey to create Inspirancy began. 

Inspirancy represents the power that we as women have to change things when we get together. And the belief that if people help each other we can do anything.

Today Inspirancy focus on development of tiny homes, van conversions and business on wheels aiming to integrate interior Design, Entrepreneurship, hospitality and my never ending love for traveling, by creating perfectly creative tiny homes or  dynamic businesses on wheels.

Jungle Party hostel was my first business venture and the focal of my career for 19 years. The hostel was located in the heart of La Antigua Guatemala, a Spanish colonial city nestled in the highlands of southern Guatemala.


The hostel officially launched in November 2001, closed in 2020, after 19 years of operation. ​

La Luna de Miel, French Creperie was born during the spring of 2006. it's named in English means Honeymoon. Isn't a sweet name for a Creperie!

Luna de Miel was my second business adventure, It began at a great night of drinks, business talk with friends, and way too beer and wine.

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