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The first step is to get in touch with us, we invite you to set up an online preliminary, 30 minutes free consultation to share your ideas, and explore our design and build options. Once we have discussed your project and a custom build decision is made for a tiny home, a van conversion or a business on wheels, we can get you on our build-out schedule.


Our build process is divided into 4 phases: Phase 1. Design and preparations. Phase 2. Logistics. 3. The Buildout. 4. Completion.


Through the design process we will walk you through every aspect and feature that better suits your needs, which ends in a preliminary quote with a non-refundable $2500 fee, that can be used as part of your initial 50% down payment.



A Tiny Home On Wheels, will be built on a wheeled trailer.  The wheels have the option to be removed and the home can be set up as a stationary dwelling unit.  In such a case the property where it would be placed should have the availability to provide the appropriate hookups for water supply, plumbing, and any other home services required by your local regulations.  For a tiny home or ADU, please get in contact with us, we have a dedicated design team, that will help you create an amazing tiny home!


For a Van Conversion normally we don’t provide the vehicle, but sometimes we come across the perfect build out vehicle, inspiring our team to create a few conversions of our own. When these are available, we put them for sale and the vehicle will be included in the conversion package deal you’ll buy.  


We offer versatile design options for commercial or personal use tiny homes.  


For personal or recreational use we offer three unique base packages for purchase listed below:  

  • Detailed information on the “Free Spirit” Van Basic Conversion here.

  • Detailed information on the “Sea Breeze” Premium Conversion here.

  • Detailed information on the “Life Gazer” Deluxe Conversion here.




We help small-medium businesses that need a new business model or direction change in today's competitive market to achieve a profitable and successful business plan.  


We offer entrepreneurs personalized, productive, and efficient plans in the retail and hospitality world. 

For commercial business on wheels, please get in contact with us, we have a dedicated business design team, that will help you create a profitable concept, through developing your business Start-Up strategies, and build you an affordable mobile unit.  


If you are looking to convert a Van and still don’t have it, we can help to source used or new vans through our network of partnered dealerships, to explore and arrange the best option for you to choose from. 

If you are looking to convert a school bus (Skoolie) we recommend that it is best that you go directly to your favorite supplier as they vary a lot in sizes, models, motors, and other specifications. And once you choose the one you love, you can bring it to us.


A purchase agreement will be drafted once confirming the layout and features that fits you better, an attached payment schedule for one of our build-outs, or a customized price in case you decide to go add additional features.


A $2,500 initial payment is due during the design phase which is required to lock you in for the first month of design and estimate preparation. A second payment of 50% is needed to start phase two (Logistics) which is due typically 2-4 weeks after the first payment, a 20% is due to begin the third phase (the Buildout), and lastly a 20% is due upon the home completion.


Prior to the start of the build, we will discuss your ideal customizations available to make your tiny home unique. 

Your build will begin in the agreed-upon build month - so long as we have everything we need to get started including payment, customization choices, and the case of a van conversion  the vehicle itself.  Once we get started, the build will take about 6-12 weeks for completion. We will communicate a final date for pickup and/or delivery and you’ll be on an adventure in no time.

We can deliver your tiny home or van conversion anywhere within the United States. Delivery prices are provided by our third-party delivery service,  please check this link to see your options 

If you’re ready to move for this exciting new adventure, please send us a schedule request.

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